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Niu Nou

Niu Nou

Restaurant BagÓ
Avinguda vilaseca, 1 baixos
08695 BagÓ
Phone: 938244253


1 week in late March .

1 week in late June .

1 week in late September .

1 week after the 5th of January .


Open from 8am to 10pm. Closed on Tuesdays

Approximate prices

Prices: 16€ from Mondays to Fridays.

Weekends: Around 35€

Services and activities

Additional information

I’m a self taught cook, lover of the art of cooking. Every day I fall in love with my job. My philosophy is to cook with healthy food grown up in our area, of the season and organic/ecological following local tradition.

I have been cooking in Niu Nou Restaurant since 1993



Small and comfy, we cook creative homely cooking. We use ecological farming food that we often pick up in the surrounding area.

The menu is inspired in our environment and the meals have nature names. We also have medieval and cathar cook.

Open from 8am to 10pm. Closed on Tuesdays


Prices: 16€ from Mondays to Fridays.

Weekends: Around 35€


The restaurant: We have a hall with room for 20 customers. We started in 1993 with a pub & croissant shop, preparing different sandwiches, pizzas and a few traditional dishes. On summer 2000 we moved to our current place, now as a proper restaurant.


The cookery. We make a fresh, personal, healthy and interesting cooking. We try to recover the traditional tastes, the ones preserved in our taste memory, in our childhood reminiscence. It is also an invitation to the slowness, to the pleasure of eating unhurried, enjoying the good food and an after dinner conversation/table talk.


Our philosophy. Most of our products are self made and they come from ecologic or biodinamic farming, which means healthy food free from pesticides or GM products. We also recuperate species, plants, vegetables and cereals from our local farming. We follow the season rhyme, cooking the dishes with the products we find in our garden or in the forest. The season tells which products we should prepare in each moment, in their best conditions. That way, we can obtain the best taste and freshness of the meals we cook.


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