Berguedà Tourism Presentation

Berguedà Tourism Presentation

Berguedà Tourism encompasses the majority of bars, restaurants, campgrounds, hotels and other accommodation and activities companies Berguedà.

Employers who integrate Berguedà Tourism are convinced of the potential of the sector and the importance of associations as has been demonstrated along these more than 30 years of existence .

During this time, people who worked for the defense of the interests of the business sector has had to overcome many obstacles and has invested enthusiasm and efforts on behalf of the sector.

Berguedà Tourism it aims to:

Defend and represent the rights and interests of the hotel, dealing with government, organizations, public and private entities, etc.

Enhance the hospitality and tourism. With a series of promotional activities aimed at raising awareness of the sector.

Participate in the consultative bodies of hospitality related organizations. As part of a large number of partnerships where we hear our voice.

Negotiate preferential agreements for our partners. Signing agreements with mobile operators, financial institutions, insurance, media, new technologies, fuels, etc.

Offering a wide range of products and custom options to the needs of each partner. Personal management and custom tailored to each company (management advice and tax, labor and legal).

Bet on new technologies.

Provide qualified training and customized for the sector.